Lion Karl

Once upon a time …

there was the lion Karl, who some 20 years ago exchanged the broad veldt against a cosy cave.

As Karl has always been a curious lion, he was looking for the most beautiful cave in Dresden. Within short distance to Dresden Neustadt, he found everything that cheers up his heart. 

As lion Karl owned the most comfortable of all caves, more and more friends came to visit him from other veldts. Due to Karl’s hospitality, his friends returned bringing their friends and family. Karl´s cave became so famous, that he can accommodate more than 50 friends nowadays - and not only friends from his hometown, but also from distant countries come to visit.

To ensure his friends’ stay is as pleasant as possible, and not to make them go hunting on their own, he decided to provide catering the whole day. In the morning he woke them up with tasty, regional specialities; for dinner his favourite bavarian meals were prepared.

As Karl loves being a host, he exclusively takes care of his guests’ needs. Under his daughter Carolin’s management, the cave now appears with a modern touch.

If you take a closer look, you can discover the lion Karl within our house, who appears not only in our new logo.

We wish you a pleasant stay in our house and send our warmest regards,

Karl & Carolin Steinhauser